The HATA Difference

Why Visitors Should Choose HATA Members

Choose a HATA-affiliated business for your island adventure, where sustainable practices, community impact, and exceptional experiences converge.

Interested in the HATA difference? Find out why choosing a HATA member ensures not just a trip, but a responsible and enriching island experience below.

There are many reasons to choose to stay, eat and experience with HATA members. 

Some of our favorites include:

  1. Exceptional Experiences: HATA businesses prioritize offering exceptional experiences, going beyond the typical tourist experience. Whether it's through unique guided tours, cultural immersions, or eco-friendly activities, visitors can expect a truly enriching island adventure that showcases the atoll's natural beauty and cultural heritage.
  2. Authentic and Responsible Tourism: HATA is dedicated to fostering responsible tourism that preserves the atoll's authenticity. Visitors booking with HATA-affiliated businesses can rest assured that their journey is crafted to respect the local culture, heritage, and ecological integrity, providing an authentic experience while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and community.
  3. Contributing to Conservation: HATA's core focus is the conservation of the Horsburgh Atoll's unique ecosystem. By choosing a HATA member for your island experience, you actively contribute to conservation efforts. These businesses work in tandem with local conservationists, ensuring that the atoll's natural wonders are protected for future generations to enjoy.
  4. Transformative Journey: Booking with a HATA member promises a transformative journey. As a visitor, you become part of a larger mission of sustainable tourism, conservation, and community empowerment. Your presence on the island contributes to positive change, leaving you with a sense of fulfillment and connection to the remarkable ecosystem and its inhabitants.


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