Dive Sites

A Diver's Dream Destination

The Maldives beckons visitors with its unparalleled underwater wonders, drawing enthusiasts from around the world. Beneath the crystal-clear turquoise waters, a mesmerizing realm unfolds, featuring vibrant coral reefs teeming with an extraordinary diversity of marine life. From graceful manta rays gliding through the depths to majestic whale sharks making seasonal appearances, the Maldives offers encounters with some of the ocean's most awe-inspiring inhabitants.

Dhorukandu Thila:

A vital passage into the atoll, allowing for the observation of larger marine life such as Napoleons, yellow snappers, trevallies, and eagle rays. Sightings of grey reef sharks and hammerhead sharks add to the underwater vista.

Viha Badhi:

Known as the 'poison plateau,' this sanctuary is a true haven for vibrant live hard corals. With an upper reef starting at two meters and gently descending to 15 to 20 meters, it is home to enormous mushroom corals thriving for more than 500 years. Explorers can delight in sightings of mantas, hawksbill turtles, and Napoleons.

Miskih Magu Badhi:

Translated as the 'mosque road plateau,' this stunning coral garden is adorned with diverse varieties of vibrant live hard corals. It serves as a haven for mantas, eagle rays, red snappers, and various wrasse species.

Hanifaru Dhuni:

Meaning 'narrow and long reef,' this picturesque spot features three adjacent coral plateaus forming a stunning arrangement. The upper reef, situated at a depth of seven meters, teems with a rich array of marine life, including green turtles, eagle rays, and a diverse collection of vibrant fish species.

Dhashufaru Huraa Thila:

Another extensive reef with an upper reef starting at five to seven meters before descending to depths of 25 to 30 meters. Within this underwater landscape, a variety of lobster sizes, hawksbill turtles, and a captivating array of beautiful fish species can be discovered.

Muda Handhi Thila:

Translating as the 'Giant trevally plateau,' this spot features an upper reef situated at eighteen meters, serving as a feeding station for various predators, including sharks, dog-tooth tuna, and giant trevally. Abundant goatfish schools and diverse snapper varieties contribute to the thriving ecosystem.

Thin Thila:

Meaning the 'three underwater plateaus,' this remarkable site showcases its top reef at depths starting at fifteen to twenty meters, offering sightings of red snappers, eagle rays, and sometimes even nurse sharks.

Goidhoo Bay:

Serving as a sanctuary for mantas and turtles, Goidhoo Bay functions as a cleaning station. Alongside stunning coral life, the bay is home to a diverse array of fish species, and its shallow depth makes it an ideal and comfortable location for diving.

Kalha Handhi Thila:

Meaning the 'black jack long reef,' this site offers sightings of numerous stingrays, eagle rays, and different fish species. The vibrant and lively coral life adds a colorful touch to this underwater expanse.

Innafushi Thila:

Situated in proximity to the uninhabited island Innafushi, this site features an upper reef at depths starting at five to six meters, adorned with stunning hard coral formations. Frequent visits by a substantial number of eagle rays suggest it might be a feeding station for these majestic creatures.

Bodey Gaa:

Named after and characterized by a large (dead) coral formation, Bodey Gaa is situated at the outer reef, with the top reef situated at a depth of seven to eight meters. Divers can enjoy abundant marine life and excellent visibility in this water while doing an easy drift dive, known for its eagle ray and turtle sightings.

Goidhoo Beyru:

Literally translating into 'outside Goidhoo,' this site is located right beyond Goidhoo Island. Divers often have the pleasure of encountering a sizable group of batfish here. Turtles and grey reef sharks are also commonly sighted, along with Napoleons and red snappers.

Fehendhoo Beyru:

Situated just off the coast of Fehendhoo Island, this easy drift dive offers an immersive experience with its abundant fish population, hawksbill turtles, playful dolphins, Napoleons, and eagle rays. The area is also home to thriving hard coral formations.

Goidhoo Muli:

Referred to as 'Goidhoo Corner,' this strategically positioned spot allows divers to witness special sightings, including dolphins, big-eyed trevally, turtles, and different types of sharks. The area is adorned with stunning hard coral formations, enhancing the underwater beauty.

Goidhoo Caves:

Found at a depth ranging from seven to ten meters, the Goidhoo Caves consist of a series of extensive caves, serving as a resting place for various marine creatures, including green turtles, nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, silver tip sharks, and even eagle rays.