Atholhu Residence

Fehendhoo, Maldives

Atholhu Residence goes beyond the conventional guesthouse experience, embodying the spirit of a resort-inspired haven dedicated to tranquility and rejuvenation. The accommodations, adorned with indoor gardens, courtyards, and outdoor showers, create a serene sanctuary fostering relaxation. This resort-like ambiance seamlessly integrates therapeutic elements, inviting guests to reconnect with nature and indulge in unique sensory experiences. Honoring the captivating legacy of the Maldives, Atholhu Residence harmoniously unites tradition with modern indulgence, offering an authentic and immersive escape without an extravagant price tag. Here, guests stay and are immersed in the genuine island lifestyle through curated activities, cultural interactions, and personalized experiences. Atholhu Residence invites you to experience a unique blend of traditional allure, contemporary luxury, and the immersive island living that defines this tranquil retreat.



Outdoor dining area




Family rooms

Room service

Private beach area


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