Palms Retreat Hotel

Fulhadhoo, Maldives

Palms Retreat is a natural sanctuary where the pristine beauty of Fulhadhoo Island meets a commitment to preserving the environment. We offer a culinary adventure, where exquisite dining experiences are a part of your journey. Our guests savor the fusion of authentic Maldivian cuisine and international delights, making every meal a memorable adventure.

With a focus on eco-hospitality, we embody the values of sustainable tourism and environmental stewardship. Our perception is rooted in responsible practices and fostering a deep connection between guests and the fragile ecosystems of the Maldives.




Family rooms

Private beach area

Tea/coffee maker in all rooms


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About The Host

In the heart of the Maldivian archipelago, where every island is a paradise of its own, Palms Retreat was born from a dream nurtured by its owners. Their journey began with a vision: to create a haven where travelers could experience the genuine beauty and tranquility of the Maldives. Island-hopping through pristine atolls, including Kaafu and Ari Atoll, the owners sought the perfect canvas for their dream. And then, Fulhadhoo happened. Love at first sight. It wasn't just the island's natural beauty but the deep connection to the sea that captured their hearts.

The enchanting proximity of the houses to the beach, the lapping waves just a leisurely stroll away, and Fulhadhoo's azure lagoon, resembling a vast natural swimming pool, added to the island's allure. Here, the dream of an authentic Maldivian retreat took shape. Fulhadhoo became more than a destination; it became a canvas for their vision. Palms Retreat embodies the essence of Fulhadhoo's beauty, where nature's wonders and warm Maldivian hospitality unite. It's not just a guest house; it's a labor of love, a testament to the magic that happens when a dream finds its perfect place in the world.