Snorkeling in Underwater Rose Garden

2 hours

Snorkeling in Underwater Rose Garden

This captivating underwater marvel is a unique spectacle, where corals bloom like flowers, creating a mesmerizing sight for all who venture into its watery depths. Situated at a depth of one to two meters, depending on the tide, the coral garden spans an impressive 60-meter diameter area, entirely covered by a single coral species known as Montipora. These corals resemble a sea of rose-like animals that glisten brilliantly in the sun, casting a surreal aura over the entire vicinity. But the coral garden is not just a captivating sight; it is a thriving ecosystem, bustling with a diverse array of marine life.

As you dip below the surface and immerse yourself in the underwater wonderland, you will find yourself surrounded by an array of colorful fish species, graceful eels and majestic starfish. And if you are fortunate enough, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive nurse sharks, adding a touch of excitement to your underwater adventure.

A visit to the coral garden involves a delightful two-way dinghy ride to the location accompanied by a knowledgeable guide to ensue a safe and informative journey. The necessary snorkeling equipment is provided, ensuring you have everything you need to explore this aquatic paradise.

Typically, the entire round trip takes about an hour, with a generous 30 to 40-minute snorkeling session (depending on which island you are departing from). The timing of your visit is crucial to ensure the best experience possible, so do not hesitate to consult your guide about the ideal time to embark on this enchanting journey. The interplay of tides and light will significantly impact the beauty and allure of the coral garden, making each encounter a unique and unforgettable experience.

At high tide you will have the delightful opportunity to glide effortlessly over the corals, observing their intricate details up close. The sensation of moving through this ethereal underwater garden is unparalleled and offers a truly magical experience. However, during low tide, while you will not be able to glide over the corals, you can still delight in swimming around this mesmerizing patch, admiring its beauty from a different perspective. 

*This experience is offered by multiple experience providers in the atoll and exact prices and inclusions may vary depending on who fulfills your reservation request