Bubble Maker Scuba Expereince

2 hours

Bubble Maker Scuba Expereince

Experience the joy of the PADI Bubblemaker course – a delightful opportunity for children aged 8 to 10 to blow bubbles while scuba diving. Under your direct supervision, kids can use scuba gear, breathe underwater, and swim in shallow water. No prior experience is necessary; the child simply needs to be comfortable in the water. This course is designed for young adventurers curious about exploring the underwater world, providing a safe and enjoyable introduction to scuba diving in a controlled environment, like a pool. Parental approval is required for this exciting aquatic adventure.

Bubblemakers get to:
  • Experience scuba diving under the direct care and supervision of a dive professional
  • Take their first breaths underwater in water shallower than 2 metres/6 feet
  • Learn about and use scuba diving equipment made for children - not adults
  • Have lots of fun!

Please note that the Underwater Institute offers courses and certifications from both PADI and SSI certification bodies. You can obtain certifications from either, and if you have a preference, feel free to inquire.

About The Host

Discover the wonders beneath the waves with UNDERWATER INSTITUTE by Maldives Passions, a leading dive school situated on the Horsburgh Atoll. Bridging the gap between enthusiasts and the breathtaking underwater sites, our dive operation on Horsburgh Atoll may be recent, but the well-established MALDIVES PASSIONS DIVE SCHOOL on the picturesque local island of Maafushi, South Male' Atoll has been seamlessly connecting divers to the ocean's beauty for many years. Whether here or on Maafushi, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of internationally recognized certifications as a member of both SSI and PADI, ensuring a world-class diving experience for all.